How You Can Transform Your Smile With a Cosmetic Dentist

How You Can Transform Your Smile With a Cosmetic Dentist from Sand Hill Dental, LLC in Flemington, NJThe cosmetic dentist can provide many procedures that can improve your smile. These treatments can correct many dental issues. Understanding how your dentist can enhance your teeth and gums will help you prepare for your upcoming appointment. Here are the ways your cosmetic dentist can transform your smile.

What cosmetic dentistry is

This is a field of dentistry that can enhance the appearance of one’s smile. Traditional dentistry can tackle basic dental issues, such as tooth decay. With the help of a cosmetic dentist, the patient can have treatments that can improve how the teeth and gums look. Different treatments can change the shape, size, alignment, and color of one’s teeth. The improvements can be dramatic and life-changing.

Before any of these procedures, the cosmetic dentist will perform a complete examination. This can happen on consultation day. The cosmetic dentist will order dental X-rays to see what is happening underneath the gums. A physical oral exam can also help the cosmetic dentist map out the areas that need treatment. The patient can also use the information to decide which possible procedures can help.

Teeth whitening treatments

The cosmetic dentist can offer a professional dental whitening treatment for discolored teeth. There could be light surface staining or deep staining. Light staining results from consuming staining foods and drinks. Heavy staining often results from chain smoking and medications. If this treatment cannot correct the staining, another type of restoration will be part of the treatment plan.

Dental veneers

This treatment involves placing thin, custom shells on the front side of the affected teeth. The cosmetic dentist can provide this treatment for mild to moderate dental issues, such as misalignment or chipping. Dental veneers can also cover stains and reshape teeth. The cosmetic dentist will need to shave off a thin layer of enamel first. This will give enough space for the dental veneers.

Shaving off this much enamel can be uncomfortable for some people. The cosmetic dentist can numb the area to prevent any pain. Once the shells are ready, the dentist can attach them to the front side of the target teeth. This will transform the individual’s smile by the time the visit is over.

Dental implants

Titanium rods can replace missing dental roots and stimulate the jawbone. The cosmetic dentist can assess the patient’s dental health first before starting the procedure. If the patient has a thin jawbone, the dentist will recommend a bone grafting procedure first. This will help thicken the parts that should support the titanium rods. But if the patient has a thick jawbone, the dental implant procedure can begin right away.

The dentist will slice the gum tissue and create implant holes into the thick jawbone. Implanting the titanium rods will follow. It takes about nine months for the implant sites to heal. This is also enough time for the titanium rods to fuse with the jawbone and gum tissue.

The cosmetic dentist will then attach the abutments. Two weeks later, the cosmetic dentist will attach the dental crowns. The patient can choose between removable and fixed dental crowns. Dentists often recommend having removable crowns for the back teeth. This can make cleaning easy.

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Your cosmetic dentist can give you a brand-new smile

The teeth deteriorate with age, diet, and lifestyle choices. Your cosmetic dentist can provide the right type of treatment so that you can have a new smile. The consultation will provide you with the necessary information about the treatment that you need. This can help you make informed decisions about your procedure. Working with your cosmetic dentist can make the results last for a long time.

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